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Picking a Summer Activity

Summer is here! Just because school is over doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. If you want to beat summer boredom, keep reading! Here are some tips for picking a summer activity, under each tip follow along with Grace as she picks a summer activity!


Write down a list of your interests: Do you like sports, reading, or writing? Writing down a list of general interests can help you to develop a plan for this summer.

Grace likes to play soccer, read, and hike.

Think about activities you can do with a sibling or friend: Do you and your sibling have anything you like to do together, or do you have similar interests? You may be more likely to complete activities and reach your summer goals when you have a sibling or friend who is joining you. You can be each other’s cheerleader!
Grace’s brother, William, also likes to play soccer. He wants to try out for his high school soccer team next year. They decide to play soccer together so they can push each other to practice every day. Each week one of them is in charge of creating practice drills.


Set some goals: Setting goals can help ensure you accomplish all of your summer activities. Set a date for yourself to complete an activity by. For example, maybe you want to read 5 books by Labor Day, or maybe you want to practice your soccer skills three days a week for the whole summer.

Grace set a goal to improve her dribbling by the end of the summer. William has a goal of making his high school soccer team next year, he especially wants to work on his footwork.


Reward yourself: Give yourself a reward for working hard when you achieve your goal. Your reward can be anything that makes you happy! Maybe a fun day at the pool or even just a high-five with a sibling.

After Grace and William practice every day for a full week, they reward themselves on Friday by going to their neighborhood pool!
Regroup if you aren’t reaching your goals: Don’t worry if aren’t hitting your goals right away. Regroup and think about why you aren’t accomplishing them. Maybe you are busier than you thought, or maybe your goals/goal dates need to be adjusted. It is ok if you need to make adjustments as you go.

Grace and William don’t practice soccer for a full week because their cousin is visiting. They promise each other to continue their practice next week, after their cousin leaves, and they do!

Written by Grace Pelak

MPH Candidate 2021 | Nutrition Concentration

Gillings School of Global Public Health, the University of North Carolina